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Observation Point

The Observation Point was created in 2010 as part of the rural development programs managed by the Department of Forests and it is located east of the village.

Access to the Observation Point is easy. In the centre of the village there is map with guiding arrows which have been placed along the route as well so that they can lead visitors to their destination.

A trail leads strollers from the road to the observation point. At the location there is a wooden kiosk and a big bench. This point got its name thanks to the panoramic view it offers towards the village, the sea of the occupied town of Morfou and the forests of Adelfoi and Machairas and Madari.

Moreover, at the Observation Point visitors can explore a rare geological formation which, according to popular traditions, is named “Oktipetra”. It is an ancient rocky formation which exceeds 30 metres in height and which stands as a pillar in front of a strange rocky scenery full of caves.


Xyliatos Community Council 

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