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In Xyliatos, even nowadays, some of the village’s residents deal with traditional professions such as the one of the chair maker, the horseshoe fixer, the baker, the builder specialized in constructions with local stone, the beekeeper, as well as that of the lumberjack.  

The Chair Maker

The technician who makes traditional chairs. In particular, the maker knits a rope-like material called “tonos” on the wooden structure of the chair.  

Horseshoefixer (Kallikas)

Kallikas was a particularly important profession in the past, when the donkeys and mules constituted the means of transport for the villagers and were also their useful assistants in their farming works. Kallikas would fix horseshoes on the animals’ hooves approximately twice a year or at least once a year, or else, as Ionas writes, “their nails would grow bigger and they would stumble during walking”.        


Farmhouse bread has been baked in traditional clay ovens heated with burnt wood for years now. 


Another profession that has survived until today is the one of the beekeeper. Beekeepers take care of bees in their beehives in order to produce honey.     


Farmers in Xyliatos mainly deal with vegetable cultivations, as well as with citrus fruits, mainly lemons and mandarins.


In Xyliatos, the builders specialize in constructions with stone.


The residents, having taken advantage of the forest land of the area, dealt with lumberjacking from the very old years. Nowadays, the lumberjack’s work is easier thanks to the modern equipment and means of transport.  

Ioannis Ionas, Traditional Cyprus Professions, Lefkosia 2001

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