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The Xyliatos Community Council has planned and effectuated many infrastructure and beautification projects aiming at the development of the community and at the same time at improving the residents’ quality of life.

Completed Projects

  • Reconstruction works at the location “Treis Vryses” in the core of the community and lining of the area with stone. The total expenditure of the project reached the amount of €5000.
  • Construction of a retaining wall lined with local stone and parallel creation of flower gardens with a total surface of 1500 square metres. The total expenditure reached the amount of €400 000.
  • Replacement of the entire old water supply network and expansion of the entire network to the whole housing zone. The total cost of the project was €300 000.
  • Improvement of the road network (widening, alignment, premix overlay). The total cost of the project was €260 000.
  • Purchase of a piece of land for the reshaping of the square in the core of the community and purchase of pieces of land for the expansion and upgrade of the community football pitch premises in the northeast of the community. The total cost for the purchase of the two pieces of land was €70 000.
  • Improvement of all agricultural roads of the community. The total cost for the completion of the project was €200 000.
  • Widening and alignment of the old road leading from Xyliatos to Lagoudera and which passes through the developing area of the community. The total project expenditure was €300 000.
  • Creation of the community’s official website.  
  • Construction of rainwater drainpipes in the central square. The cost of the project is €260 000.
  • Construction of a chapel dedicated to Agios Mamas in the central square of the village. The construction cost was €5000.
  • Widening of the yard of Agios Mama’s Church.  
  • Construction of a retaining wall and lining with local stone.
  • Construction of a car park with thirty parking places. The total cost for the reshaping of the space was €185 000.
  • Purchase of 15 large garbage bins for the needs of the community. The purchase cost was €3000.
  • Creation of 500 running metres of pavements. The total cost of project was €50 000.
  • Tree planting along 3 kilometres and installation of a watering system. The cost of the tree planting is €42 000.
  • Creation of a new drilling for water
  • Fencing of the lake at the Mine of Memis with the total cost reaching €100 000.
  • Beautification of the Tall Old Bridge, the construction of which cost €40 000.
  • Creation of an Artificial Lake east of the community. This was the first stage of the restructuring of the square, with the total expenditure reaching €220 000.



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