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Picnic Area

The picnic area near the water dam of Xyliatos is located Southwest of Nicosia, at a distance of approximately 50 km through Nicosia and Morfou (exit the highway on the left and drive past the villages of Peristerona, Xyliatos and Lagoudera), or at a distance of approximately 45 km via Nicosia, Palaechori (exit the highway on the right and drive past the villages of Arediou, Kato Moni, Xyliatos and Lagoudera).   

The area in question, the creation of which began in 1985, is located on the foothills of the Xyliatos water dam, on an altitude of about 600 m, and covers a land expanse of approximately 7000 square metres, which has been included in the NATURA 2000 network since 2004.    

The picnic area can accommodate 860 people and provides all necessary amenities for the comfortable stay of its guests. It includes 98 tables, 33 of which are covered, as well as three tables for the disabled. The site also includes three covered and seven exposed barbecue areas, five water supply points, a playground with a wall bar, four swings and two seesaws, sanitation areas based on European standards, two men’s and two women’s lavatories, two toilets for the disabled, a car park and a water extinguishing system with 13 points.  

The months of July and August, as well as springtime during which visitors can combine their excursion with a walk along the nearby nature study trail, are considered to be peak visiting periods. The Trail commences at the picnic area and terminates at the same point after covering a distance of 4.5 km along the perimeter of the water dam.

The picnic area also attracts visitors during February and March in case the dam overflows. In the year 2012, due to the increased rainfall, the dam overflowed for five months, from January until Mary. In fact, the beautiful spectacle offered by the dam’s overflow, which continued for several months, urged the Community Council of Xyliatos to start making efforts for the construction of an artificial waterfall which would operate during the months when there would not be an overflow so that every visitor could enjoy this majestic sight at any time of the year. 


Xyliatos Community Council 

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