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Old Bridge of Xyliatos



The old, high bridge at Xyliatos village was constructed during the 1930-1940 decade.

Responsible of the bridge’s construction was the so called “Dasonomeio” (Department of Forests), during the period of British colonization.

The aim of the bridge’s construction was the improvement of the main forest road “Agia Marina Xyliatou-Xyliatos- Lagoudera-Saranti ".

The above road met the needs of rational management of the forest at “Xyliatos-Lagoudera valley”, of Adelphi forest. Additionally, it was the only road in the area serving the maximum of the following activities: -

(a) Quick access to the heart of the forest, for fire fighting,

(b) Marketing of various forest products such as timber, firewood, and charcoal, which were transferred, through the bridge, to other areas of the island.

(c) Transferring of golden oak charcoal from Madari, where they were manufactured, to various services of the British colonization,

(d) Protection of forests from illegal felling,

(e) Facilitating the above activities, the road contributed greatly to the welfare of Xyliatos residents and other adjacent neighboring forest communities.

This bridge, essentially, was disconnected from the roadnet, since the early years of the 1980’s decade, after straightening of the road. 

The bridge was embellished and reformed to its present state, during the period 2014-2015, and  funded from the Rural Development Programme, 2007-2013, Measure 2.6 "Maintenance and Improvement of Social and Ecological Role of Forests", Sub measure 2.6.1 "Non-Productive Investments ".



March, 2015



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