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Nature Trail study

In Xyliatos there are two Nature Paths”. The first one, which is three kilometers long, “spreads” along the perimeter of the Dam, offering visitors with the opportunity to get to know the wild vegetation of  Xyliatos. 

The second path, which is 2000 metres long, can be accessed from two entrances. The first access is on the road which leads from Xyliatos to Lagoudera, one kilometer away from the village, whereas the second one in from the old bridge located within the village. The second entrance leads to middle of the route. The dominating element detected during strolling is the geological formation of “Stitipetra” or else “Stitorotsa”, in the east of the village, and which is described below, as well as a cave which leads, according to tradition, to Lagoudera. Additionally, the path crosses the sparse pine forest which develops on abandoned cultivable land, as well as cultivations and orchards. Apart from all the aforementioned, ramblers have the opportunity to enjoy, along the path, spots with wonderful open view, both towards the surrounding mountains and the valley in the west (towards the forestry scenery – the pine forest), the mines and the relevant activities in the area, our picturesque village, as well as the slopes covered with bushes and brushwood. 


Giorgos Karouzis, Strolling Around Cyprus, Lemesos, City and District, Lefkosia 2001 

Xyliatos Community Council

Town Planning Law (Laws 90 of 1972 and the Amending Relevant Laws)  

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