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Natural Environment

Wild and yew vegetation interchange harmonically creating magical scenery. The beauty of nature “spreads” on the eyes of all visitors as they stroll along the Nature Paths or as they enjoy the Excursion Site. A special place among the gifts provided by nature to Xyliatos, is held by the geological formation at the location “Ohtipetra”. 

The green of the thyme and the low bushes dominate the scenery, whereas vegetable and citrus fruit cultivations such as lemons and mandarins also flourish in the area.

A wonderful green scenery of unique beauty also emerges from the state forest “Adelfoi”, which covers part of the village, as well as from the Xyliatos Dam with its low green surrounding hills. More: Xyliatos Dam    

An excellent place for somebody to enjoy the beauties of nature is also the Excursion Site located in a narrow valley surrounded by green covered mountains. It is an organized excursion site with wooden benches. Pines, platans and other types of vegetation “adorn” the excursion site with their wonderful colours. 

Located at the rocky location called “Ohtipetra”, in the east of the community, is a rare geological formation. This fact attracts the international interest of geologists and researchers who carry out on the spot visits and scientific studies. In particular, it is a type of bedrock which can not be found in other areas and which has the colour of graffiti. As the president of the community characteristically mentions, what poses a question is the creation of a rock in the centre of the community, which the residents call because of the path, “Stitorotsos” or “Stitipetra”, meaning a standing rock. It is worth mentioning here that this rock constitutes the logo of out community.


Old Olive Tree

Nature Trail study


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Xyliatos Community Council

Town Planning Law (Laws 90 of 1972 and the Amending Relevant Laws)  

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