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The Memi Mine operated in the community during the years 1954-1971 and partly during the period between 1987 and 1990. The extraction was done on the surface using the closed excavation method and approximately 2.125.000 tons of pyrite with a mean content of 26% S were extracted.

The ore was processed at a metal enriching factory in Mitsero so that a Sulphur condensate would be produced using flotation. Up until 1974 the final product was loaded on boats in Karavostasi and from there it was exported, while after 1974 exportation took place at the port of Vasiliko. What is noteworthy is that towards the end of the 1980s, the final product supplied the Sulphur Acid and Fertilizer factory in Vasiliko.    

This mine is located very close to the residential area of the village. Today, there is a crater at the extraction area which, after an initiative by the Community Council, has been filled with rainwater, thus creating a wonderful lake which dominates the area.

In fact, the waters of the lake, due to the existence of pyrite alloy at its bottom and on the sides, change colour according to different seasons. In winter, the colour is dark green, which changes to a majestic turquoise in spring, while in the summer the water acquires a deep ocean blue colour, while its banks maintain the wonderful turquoise colour of the seas. Finally, in the autumn, the water changes completely, acquiring a light green colour while preparing to welcome the winter green colour of the forests. 

Currently, this lake is a healthy habitat for various species of ducks.



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