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The Alestos Mine first operated during the years 1971-1972, when approximately 661 000 tons of ores with a mean content of 0,9 % Cu were extracted using surface exploitation. The ores were processed at a metal enrichment factory located in Mitsero so that a copper condensate would be produced using the method of flotation. The final product was exported after being loaded on boats in Karavostasi.

What must be noted is that during the 1980s a small hydro-metallic unit, which produced copper precipitates, operated in the area of the mine. The unit used a method of extraction which was based on the use of a slightly acid solvent and the submerging of solvent copper and iron (scrap iron).   (

The mine is located west of the village. The mountain in which the mine is located is found on the foothills of the Adelfoi forest, in Machairas. It stands out from a distance due to its altitude and rocks, which shine under the afternoon sun. When one visits the area where the mine used to operate, they can encounter rocks such as pyrite, while a small lake has covered the core of the mine.

The reopening of the Alestos mine is possible since there are still copper, iron and gold dust deposits in the area (Xyliatos Community Council). Based on research conducted by the Hellenic Copper Mines, the copper deposits in Alestos, Skouriotissa and Apliki are the last known deposits which are considered to be financially viable. The company is considering exploiting, apart from the Skouriotissa Mine, the deposits in Alestos and Apliki by extending its operations by 15 years (Savvas & Hatzoudes, 2014).   


Troodos Geopark “

Xyliatos Community Council

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