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Xyliatos is a village of the Lefkosia District. It is built 50 kilometres southwest of the capital city of Lefkosia, on a mean altitude of 515 metres. 
The Xyliatos dam and the homonymic excursion site are landmarks for our village. Many visitors come to Xyliatos to enjoy the peace and beauty of the dam located in the hug of a green mountain, which is reflected on the crystal water of the dam, this way creating an image full of magic.    
Historical background 
The village existed since the medieval years, as it appears from the naming Filato which is marked on old maps and which is also mentioned below. Karouzis clarifies that the village is marked on Venetian maps and adds that according to Mas Latri, it used to be a royal estate during the Frankish occupation.   
From 1881 until 2001, as it is presented on the following table, the population of the village has met many variables. Nowadays, Xyliatos is able to maintain and even increase its population thanks to the important developmental steps that have been taken in the past years.     

































The name of the village, as Nearchos Clerides remarks, is linked to the owner of the area who was named Xylias. The medieval ending – atos was added to the name to state ownership. Clerides also adds that this owner either possessed forest land or he was a lumberjack. The Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia completes that, in the old maps, the village was marked by the name Filato, possibly an alteration of the Greek name that occurred during the Frankish and Venetian occupation.    
Natural Environment 
Wild and yew vegetation interchange harmonically this way creating wonderful scenery. Spread on the one side is the green thyme and the low bushes, whereas the other side is covered with vegetable cultivations and some types of citrus fruits. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that part of the village is covered by the state forest “Adelfoi”. One can enjoy the beauty of nature by strolling along the Nature Paths and the Excursion site of Xyliatos. More: Natural Environment 
However, the most impressive image of Xyliatos, and possibly the reason which makes the village so well known, is the Water Dam of Xyliatos with its surrounding low green hills. More: Xyliatos Dam 

Memi Mine
The Memi Mine operated in the community during the years 1954-1971 and partly during the period between 1987 and 1990.
The extraction was done on the surface using the closed excavation method and approximately 2.125.000 tons of pyrite with a mean content of 26% S were extracted.
The ore was processed at a metal enriching factory in Mitsero so that a Sulphur condensate would be produced using flotation.
Up until 1974 the final product was loaded on boats in Karavostasi and from there it was exported, while after 1974 exportation took place at the port of Vasiliko.
What is noteworthy is that towards the end of the 1980s, the final product supplied the Sulphur Acid and Fertilizer factory in Vasiliko.


Alestos Mine
The Alestos Mine first operated during the years 1971-1972, when approximately 661 000 tons of ores with a mean content of 0,9 % Cu were extracted using surface exploitation.
The ores were processed at a metal enrichment factory located in Mitsero so that a copper condensate would be produced using the method of flotation.
The final product was exported after being loaded on boats in Karavostasi.
What must be noted is that during the 1980s a small hydro-metallic unit, which produced copper precipitates, operated in the area of the mine.
The unit used a method of extraction which was based on the use of a slightly acid solvent and the submerging of solvent copper and iron (scrap iron).   

In our village, there is a church dedicated to Agios Mamas and a cave also dedicated to the same Saint. According to tradition preserved by the residents of the village from generation to generation, Agios Mamas used to live in a cave in the village and that he would use the entire village as grassland. For further information, both about the Church and the Cave, click on: Churches  
Giorgos Karouzis, Strolling Around Cyprus, Lemesos, City and District, Lefkosia 2001 
Xyliatos Community Council
Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia  

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