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Athletic Club "Agios Mamas Xyliatou"

The Athletic Club “Agios Mamas Xyliatou” was established in 1989 aiming to keep the youth in the community by offering them a healthy occupation in sports.

The Athletic Club, during its 20 year-long course, has many important achievements to present and at the same time look into the future with optimism. In particular, the club has managed to win the championship in the Second Division of the Agricultural Championship EPOPP three times and also to win the championship of the First Division once. Moreover, the Club managed to play in the Cup final of EPOPP four times. 

In addition to all this, the Club actively participates in all the events of the community and organizes the annual memorial of the community’s missing hero Xenofontas Petemerides. 

The Committee of the Athletic Club is formed by:

  • ·        Kyriakos Antreou (president)
  • ·        Andreas Papaioannou (secretary)
  • ·        Andreas Ashiotis (cashier)
  • ·        Chirstos Spanos (member)
  • ·        Michalis Damalas (member) 


Xyliatos Community Council

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