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Cultural Club "Agios Mamas"

Cultural Club “Agios Mamas”

The Club was created in 2002 after initiative by a group of villagers and aims at maintaining the traditional culture of our village. The clubs course has so far been a success, mainly because it was embraced from the beginning by all the residents of the community.

The club actively participates in all the activities of the community. It is actually involved directly in organizing cultural events of the community and it also cooperates closely with the Dancing Group of the community’s youth. In particular, the club organizes: 

  • The events on the Sunday of Easter
  • The Cultural Festival that takes place every year on the name-day of our protector Saint Agios Mamas. 

The Committee of the Cultural Club is formed by:

  • Kyriakos Foivou (president)
  • Despo Achilleos (secretary)
  • Christodoulos Papaioakeim (cashier)
  • Tasos Andreou (member)
  • Maria Charalambous (member)
  • Andreas Ashiotis (member)
  • Spyroula Xenofontos (member)   


“Agios Mamas” Cultural Club

Second District Girls’ Athletic Club of Xyliatos

The Second District Girls’ Athletic Club was established in 2008 aiming to keep the youth of the community and the surrounding area and also to give them the opportunity to become involved in healthy activities such as sports.

 The Club participates in the Women’s First Division Championship of the CFA, in the team of Dighenis Akritas Morphou, and it is also an active participator in all cultural activities of the community.

The Committee of the Girls’ Athletic Club is formed by:

  • Demos Andreou (president)
  • Ektoras Michail (vice president)
  • Demetris Achilleos (steward)
  • Andreas Milidonis (cashier)
  • Despo Achilleos (secretary)
  • Spyroulla Xenofontos (member)
  • Efrosyni Christoforou (member)


Xyliatos Community Council

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