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Artificial Lagoon

The Artificial Lagoon was created in 2012 and its construction was undertaken by the Community Council of Xyliatos. The lagoon constitutes the first phase of the community’s reformation plan, which aims at modernizing and developing the village so as to urge the youth to remain in Xyliatos.

The lagoon is located at the square of the village and it is adjacent to the main road of the community leading from Xyliatos to Lagoudera, thus attracting several visitors as it combines both traditional and modern features. 

In the lagoon there is a big water jet and two smaller ones which are illuminated using colour changing headlamps. In the middle of the Artificial Lagoon stands a wooden bridge, which separates the big water jet from the two smaller ones. Along the perimeter of the lagoon there are stands and hidden lighting, while there is also a paved road, a cycling path and a greenery area. The entire area is illuminated by a modern lighting system.

The Community Council of Xyliatos has, since 2002, envisaged the reformation of the community. The completion of the Artificial Lagoon is only part of the Council’s plans and in the future the area will be used as the venue for various events.


Xyliatos Community Council  

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